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Concurrent Technologies has introduced an ultra-low-power processor PMC/XMC module, the XP A40/x03.

The board features the 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor Z530 and the integrated Intel System Controller Hub US15W.

Additional features include up to 2GB DDR2-533 SDRAM, 4GB of NAND Flash, graphics and a variety of I/O interfaces including a CANbus controller and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The board has a typical power consumption of less than 10W and is available in commercial and extended temperature variants.

The board can be used on a PMC/XMC carrier board or on a host CPU board, where it can be used to offload some of the host CPU’s functions.

Potential applications are expected to be within the defence, security, aerospace and telecommunication markets.

The 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor Z530 is manufactured using 45nm technology and provides 512KB L2 cache.

It supports Intel Hyper-Threading Technology and Intel Virtualization Technology.

The Intel System Controller Hub US15W is a memory controller, I/O controller hub and graphics controller combined in a single chip package.

The XP A40/x03 Processor PMC/XMC module is supplied configured as a PMC or XMC module.

It interfaces to a variety of base boards via a 64-bit PCI/PCI-X (up to 133MHz) interface (PMC option) or via a x1 PCI Express interface (XMC option).

The PMC option supports monarch and non-monarch modes of operation and the XMC option supports Root Complex and Endpoint operation.

A shared memory interface driver is available, supporting inter-board communications between an XPA40/x03 board and a host board CPU or another PrPMC/PrXMC on the same host board.

Customer applications can build on this driver to implement higher-level protocols for inter-processor communications, or to allow the XPA40/x03 to act as an intelligent I/O controller which offloads the host board’s CPU.

They could also allow the XPA40/x03 to be a node in a multi-CPU platform involving XMC or PMC carrier cards.

The XP A40/x03 Processor PMC/XMC module supports, via the Pn4 rear panel connector, a 1600 x 1200 DVI-D graphics interface, a high-speed CANbus controller, four USB 2.0 ports (with a fifth USB port to the front panel), two RS-232/422/485 ports (one switchable to the front panel as RS-232) and two Gigabit Ethernet channels (one switchable to the front panel).

Other features provided are a PC real-time clock, watchdog timer, long-duration timer, three GPIO signals and a legacy speaker interface.

For applications requiring easy access to the rear I/O connections, an optional PIM module is available for mounting on a suitable rear transition module.

The XP A40/x03 supports leading operating systems including Linux, Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, QNX and VxWorks.

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