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Kittiwake Developments has launched Thrusterscan, an asset-protection system for the offshore market that helps to predict failure, enables preventative maintenance and reduces downtime.

Thrusterscan is an online condition-monitoring product for azimuthing thrusters.

Individual Thrusterscan monitoring units are installed local to each thruster and comprise a touch-screen machine interface, metallic particle sensor, oil condition sensor, moisture sensor, oil temperature sensor and sampling pump.

A central control room touch-screen display provides an overview of the condition of all thrusters.

Thrusterscan delivers early warning of thruster component damage, lubricant degradation and seal leaks or failures, while providing information to help optimise the thruster and effectively manage overhaul schedules.

Simple to retrofit and compatible with existing condition-monitoring systems, Thrusterscan continuously monitors wear debris, water ingress and oil quality, enabling maintenance engineers to make fast and informed decisions with confidence.

Peter Pilon, chief executive officer of Kittiwake’s US operations, said: ‘Understanding thruster condition is critical to the drilling operation; refurbishment is essential and failure to be avoided at all costs.

‘Not only can Thrusterscan predict failure and enable more efficient lubricant usage, the system can demonstrate the effect of operating conditions, informing parameter adjustment to prolong life.

‘The system can also potentially extend service intervals based on condition, rather than hours of operation, which assumes thrusters are running at 100 per cent capacity, 100 per cent of the time.’

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