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Mantracourt is expanding its range of digital signal conditioning devices with the launch of the DSCUSB.

Responding to growing demand for USB interface, the device has been designed to provide simple connectivity between load cell or strain gauge bridge input sensors and PC.

The DSCUSB is for use with most strain gauge bridge input sensors including strain, weight, load, force, torque, pressure as well as LVDT, humidity, accelerometer, displacement and proximity.

The device connects to the sensor via a nine-way D-type connector and into a PC via the USB port, allowing for quick data acquisition and manipulation using free accompanying software.

No additional power supply is required as the power is drawn from the USB bus.

Although ideal for one-to-one interface, the device can connect with multiple sensors with the use of a suitable hub.

A choice of Modbus RTU, ASCII and Mantrabus protocols are available.

Typical applications for the DSCUSB will be those requiring simple sensor connectivity in benchtop settings such as test and measurement, research and development, laboratory and educational/teaching environments.

A health and fitness company recently integrated the DSCUSB OEM module into weighing scales.

By spotting the opportunity to electronically monitor the weight of diet club members onto a PC, the company was able to record and track the data on a central database.

The digitiser module was integrated inside a weighing pad powering and digitising the output from the load cells.

Weights were displayed and recorded in kilograms, stones and body mass index, and allowed for reports to be compiled weekly, monthly or on individual weight losses.

All digital devices have a three-year warranty and come with CE compliance.

Mantracourt Electronics

Mantracourt was founded in 1974 with the clear objective of becoming a leader in the application of microelectronics to industrial measurementapplications. Ever since, Mantracourt has demonstrated solid growth and become established as a world leader in strain gauge amplifiers, loadcell amplifiers, weight indicators and load cell indicators. 
Based near Exeter in the South West of England, the company is an established technology provider to many major OEM sensor manufacturers,
with a product range of over 1000 designs, with measurement technologies for strain gauge, load cell, force measurement, temperature, pressure,voltage, current, potentiometer, rate, flow, LVDT, displacement, inclination, vibration and torque.
Mantracourt design and manufacture a reliable brand of innovative radio wireless telemetry systems enabling wireless sensors for strain gauge,vibration, load cells, inclination with wireless displays and USB PC input. New developments include wireless remote data collection providingemail and text alerts plus web-based server access. These are offered alongside our load cell amplifiers, analogue signal conditioners, digitalindicators, strain gauge digital converters and USB data acquisition units with output options including USB, RS232, RS485, 0-10V and 4-20mA.

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