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Conduant has introduced the Streamstor optical high-speed serial mezzanine board for applications in defence, scientific research and commercial markets.

The board can be used with compatible Streamstor controllers to provide direct data input utilising Serial Front Panel Data Port (SFPDP) and other protocols including bonded and multichannel versions of Serialite II.

When combined with the Streamstor Amazon Express controller, the interface can support recording and playback performance up to 800megabytes/sec.

The Streamstor optical high-speed serial mezzanine board supports independent multi-port recording and playback for up to four data streams.

Some protocols support the bonding of all four channels to aggregate the performance for a single channel at higher speed.

The board demonstrates flexibility by supporting widely used cabling and data protocols to ensure maximum data transfer rates with minimum overhead.

An onboard Altera field-programmable gate array (FPGA) allows for configuring multiple input/output (IO) protocols and other parameters.

Ken Owens, founder and chief executive officer at Conduant, said the optical high-speed serial mezzanine board can be upgraded and customised in the field as requirements demand and allows for recording from multiple devices simultaneously in any environment.

He added that with the Streamstor technology, all packet formation and management is performed by the hardware so there is no latency or other delays to affect data transmission performance.

The Streamstor optical high-speed serial mezzanine board can be ordered with support for data rates from 1.06 to 3.125gigabytes/sec and wavelengths of 850nm or 1,300nm to support cable lengths up to 25km.

The board uses standard LC optical connector style for easy connection to compatible data sources.

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