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Connectors Unlimited has worked with RTP Company to formulate and supply plastic materials for a shielding solution for analogue cable and circuit connectors.

Several static dissipative and conductive compounds were chosen for the improved static control they provided.

‘The fundamental reason for using RTP Company’s conductive plastics in our analogue connectors is to minimise noise interference in the electronic signal, which is primarily caused by static charge,’ explained Marty Ignasiak, president of Connectors Unlimited.

‘By effectively reducing static charges, we’re able to improve the signal-to-noise ratio in our connectors and thus upgrade overall performance of devices,’ he added.

When selecting a supplier of conductive plastic compounds, Connectors Unlimited engineers kept three critical requirements in mind: thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and structural rigidity.

Maintaining dimensional stability of the analogue circuits during manufacturing was a huge concern for their engineers, according to Ignasiak.

Company engineers ended up choosing several different RTP Company conductive compounds that provide varying levels of static protection to circuit connectors.

Base resins for the compounds are RTP 300 Series polycarbonate and RTP 3400 Series liquid crystal polymer.

To maintain rigidity during assembly that may include soldering processes, glass and carbon fibre reinforcement are utilised along with flame-retardant packages to meet UL94 flammability requirements.

The LCP materials are suitable when components must undergo electronic or solvent cleaning.

‘The RTP Company materials we chose maintain excellent stiffness, while at the same time providing an array of static reduction levels, ranging from slightly static dissipating to fully conductive,’ said Ignasiak.

RTP Company

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RTP Company’s private ownership allows our expert polymer engineers to be independent and unbiased as they select from 60+ engineering resins and 100’s of modifying additives to tailor a thermoplastic compound designed to meet your specific end-user requirements.

  • Conductive Static Dissipation
  • Structural Reinforcement
  • Lubricated Wear Resistance
  • High Continuous Use Temperatures
  • UL Recognized Flammability
  • Soft-touch Overmoldable Elastometers
  • Special Color and Appearance Effects
Our speciality compounds provide multi-property solutions in a single material, reducing manufacturing costs and speeding time to market while providing the freedom necessary for product designers and engineers to realize their vision for applications spanning every major market segment.
If your in the process of application development, let RTP Company solve your material challenge by formulating a custom thermoplastic compound optimized to make your product a success – don’t compromise with another suppliers off-the-shelf ordering.

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