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Anamet Europe has launched a stainless-steel conduit system for use in areas that experience high operating temperatures, such as in brick production, heat treatment and metal processing operations.

The Anaflex system features push-on fittings and can, therefore, be fitted to cables in just minutes.

The conduit system is manufactured from corrugated stainless-steel hose and can withstand temperatures between -70C to +250C.

It is liquid tight, consists of a continuous tube allowing optimum EMI/EMP shielding to be obtained and, when used in conjunction with the Anaflex-Click fittings, achieves a seal to the IP69K standard.

In addition, the system is resistant to oils, greases and solvents and, should a fire break out, there will be no toxic fumes.

The Anaflex-Click fittings are manufactured from nickel-plated brass.

In order to fit them to the Anaflex piping, the user simply cuts the hose to the desired length using a pipe cutter or a saw and threads onto the desired cable.

The user then turns back the nut on the Anaflex-Click fittings by half a turn to release the retaining ring and pushes the fitting firmly into the hose until it fits flush against the seal.

Finally, he or she tightens the nut using a wrench to ensure it is totally sealed and watertight.

Ed Dickson, UK sales representative for Anamet, said: ‘This product is ideal for a wide variety of applications where high-temperature cabling needs to be shielded and mechanically protected.

‘And because the six core components used in the fitting are pre-assembled into just one unit, once the hose is cut to the required length it can be fitted in just seconds, making it ideal to use out in the field,’ he added.

The Anaflex system is available in three sizes, with the tube’s internal diameter measurements ranging from 12.2mm to 20.3mm.

M16, M20 and M25 fitting threads are available.

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