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Omniflex’s Conet token passing deterministic network enables plant engineers to find the cheapest way of transferring data from the remote point of measurement to the point of monitoring or control.

It allows customers to save money by using existing cables for plant-data communications.

On some applications, up to a million pounds has been saved on the cost of installing new cables, trenches, cable trays and scaffolding.

Conet runs on a screened twisted pair cable up to distances of 10km without repeaters, as one network.

Over the years Omniflex has developed hardware platforms to accommodate the demand for complex networking topologies.

Conet networks can be interconnected as star, bus and ring topologies.

Conet has also been utilised on hundreds of cables where the cable is not characterised, enabling the use of two existing cores in a cable that could be unshielded, ungrounded and/or in poor condition.

Some very large distributed plant networked I/O systems have been fully integrated without the need to run any new cables at all by utilising spare cores in existing multi-core cables or even old spare cores in telephone cables or instrumentation cable.

The ability to multiplex many signals down a single twisted pair has saved many pairs in instrument cables and allowed many devices to share the same cable.

Plant communications technology has also advanced dramatically in the last decade.

The range of instrumentation capable of being networked grows daily.

Using Conet makes it easy to connect disparate instruments and networks into a unified infrastructure, to make information available for real-time management and control.

Conet can use existing cables in most cases.

The Conet communication infrastructure can blend many communication standards such as RS232/485, Ethernet, radio and GSM/GPRS into a network of networks – an inter-networking technology that integrates these standard networks into a unified plant-wide I/O and information system.

When the user runs out of standards, the Conet fieldbus network can gather data up to 10km away on existing cables – allowing the integration of systems that were not thought feasible.

Omniflex Automation Products provide a wide range of I/O, RTUs, PLCs and multiplexing equipment for use with the Conet network, along with equipment for interfacing third-party devices to Conet.


The company was founded in 1965, formerly known as Conlog, specialising in process control, alarm/event management and instrumentation products and systems. In 1997, the original instrumentation business division of the company changed its name to OMNIFLEX Ltd.

The company was founded in 1965, formerly known as Conlog, specialising in process control, alarm/event management and instrumentation products and systems. In 1997, the original instrumentation business division of the company changed its name to OMNIFLEX Ltd.

Omniflex works across all business sectors including pharmaceuticals, hospitals, oil, gas, nuclear, water, electrical distribution and energy monitoring.

The company has its offices in the UK, South Africa, and Australia, and the company’s products are sold on five continents. Product ranges include well-known brands such as OMNI SIL alarm annunciators, OMNITERM SIL signal conditioning, MAXIFLEX intelligent remote terminal units (RTU) and I/O systems and the MAXILARM/Omni 4000 alarm/event management systems.

We bracket ourselves as a ‘remote monitoring specialist’, using data acquisition systems, with better than 1mS timestamp at the IO point (from several I/O up to thousands of I/O),  alarm event management including multiplexing systems, telemetry systems, Data2Desktop using standard web browsers, over varying forms of media and high-integrity (SIL1) annunciator systems.

A particular area that Omniflex is also very strong in is obsolescence issues on old legacy alarm annunciators systems. We have, in most cases, a solution for replacement of Rochester, Highland and Robinson’s annunciator systems. Our alarm annunciator systems have been substantiated by Sellafield for and on behalf of all the nuclear operators.

An area that we can offer customers significant cost savings is through the use of our CONET networking technology, which is supported by many of our RTU / PLC products. Using our CONET network technology allows existing installed cabling to be used therefore significant cabling/installation costs can be avoided. A typical example of this whereby our customer in the nuclear industry used our CONET technology, retained their existing cabling and infrastructure, saved them in the region of £1m on cabling and scaffolding.

As a worldwide supplier, OMNIFLEX provides technical training, back-up and application engineering support to a variety of industry partners including local distributors, value-adding resellers and systems integrators, to provide superior levels of service to the end user.

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