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Confectionery manufacturer Tangerine is installing energy-efficient combined heat and power (CHP) systems from ENER-G at its Pontefract production site in West Yorkshire.

Each year, Tangerine will achieve cost savings of almost GBP200,000 and save 630 tonnes of carbon – equivalent to the environmental benefit of 63,000 trees – according to ENER-G.

The two-phase project involved the installation of an ENER-G 500kWe cogeneration unit in September 2010, followed by a 230kWe trigeneration system to be commissioned in February 2011.

The smaller unit will provide electricity, heating and cooling to supply a second production facility.

Tangerine has utilised ENER-G’s discount energy-purchase scheme, which entails no capital outlay for the business.

The contract is structured to deliver low-cost, low-carbon energy onsite, reducing the facility’s carbon footprint while improving profitability.

UK-based ENER-G is also working with Tangerine to develop CHP solutions on a number of other sites.

Combined heat and power (CHP) – the simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat – is almost twice as efficient as conventional power generation as the majority of heat is recovered and used on site, rather than wasted into the atmosphere.

There is also less transmission loss by avoiding the transportation of electricity along many miles of electrical-distribution cables.

In the range up to 2MWe capacity, units can be delivered and packaged as a single unit with the controls, heat-recovery units and engine within neat, compact, acoustically insulated enclosures suitable for either internal of external installation.

Above 1MWe, each one of ENER-G’s cogeneration units are bespoke, with the engine and system designed to meet each specific application.

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