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The Green Manufacturing Conference will take place at the Birmingham NEC on 25-26 March 2009, offering an insight into reducing carbon footprints and meeting demand for sustainable processes.

The two-day conference will include action plans, case studies and application-oriented presentations covering best practices for design for environment, legislation, carbon labelling, lean and green, zero waste and corporate responsibility.

The opening address with conference chair Pamela J Gordon will cover environmental sustainability.

She will present ‘nuts and bolts’ recommendations that will enable delegates to plot current and desired positions for beyond regulation environmental and social responsibilities.

‘Conference participants will be rewarded with a well-rounded agenda covering the business responsibilities, risks and rewards relevant to environmental strategy,’ said Gordon.

‘In the opening address, I will share a 10-year environmental road map for manufacturers and give personal accounts of companies large and small achieving “lean and green” successes,’ she added.

Other sessions will include presentations on: ‘Reach: how to ensure supply chain SVHC disclosure and everything else product manufacturers should beware of’, by Kris Pollet, director EU Law and Policy, Design Chain Associates and Pollet Environmental Consulting; and ‘Green machines: improving energy consumption of manufacturing concepts’, by Jeroen de Groot, senior director Business Line Systems, Assembleon (a division of Philips).

The programme of case study presentations will include: ‘Becoming a zero waste company – the aims, process and benefits of size zero’, by Alex Smith, managing director, Alara; and ‘Steps to greening your supply chain, products and facilities’, by Dave Cox, vice-president of operations, Blue Coat Systems.

On Wednesday 25 March, the schedule will also contain a group exercise on sharing real-world experiences and challenges, a presentation on product and facility regulations for managers, as well as a panel discussion and QandA session.

The programme on Thursday 26 March will include sessions on: ‘Sustainable innovation: global challenges and opportunities’, by Martin Charter, director, Centre for Sustainable Design; ‘Including green in the product lifecycle, from concept to recycling’, by Christian Verstraete, senior director, Technology Solutions Group, Hewlett-Packard; and ‘Recycle and re-use for manufacturers of durable equipment’, by Morgan Johnson, director, Sims Recycling Solutions.

The session entitled ‘Carbon labelling: what businesses need to know’, will be presented by Robin Dickinson, customer and project manager, the Carbon Label Company, a subsidiary of the Carbon Trust.

There will also be a renewable materials panel discussion with Henk Vooijs, area manager Benelux and UK, Novamont, plus a small group session on action plans for green transformation of companies, led by Pamela J Gordon.

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