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Kennametal has announced its Conforma Clad tungsten carbide cladding can now be used on cast-iron components.

Compared with conventional thermal-spray coatings, Kennametal’s tungsten carbide cladding has been shown in field tests to extend by eight times the life of high-wear industrial components such as coal-burner nozzles and popcorn screens used in power plants.

Conforma Clad cladding is now available for cast-iron components such as valves and pump housings used in the chemical, paper and other process industries.

Stephen Wallace, product manager, said: ‘Prior to this, due to our vacuum furnace cycle temperature being around 2100F (1149C), we were unable to perform our cladding to ductile and other iron substrates.

‘Our new cladding matrix allows for a furnace cycle of less than 1900F.

‘Additionally, we’ve been able to verify our bonding and the wear properties of the new matrix versus uncoated ductile iron and white iron commonly used in highly abrasive environments.’ Abrasion test results improved between eight and 10 times with Conforma Clad cladding compared with uncoated ductile iron, while tensile strength improved by up to 10 per cent.

Wallace added: ‘Mature industries such as steel, paper, and petrochemical can greatly extend the life of cast-iron components, increasing their efficiencies.

‘Another advantage is to use ductile iron in place of more expensive substrates and continue to gain performance advantages.’ Other types of protection may guard against one form of wear, but Conforma Clad tungsten carbide cladding provides unmatched resistance against abrasion, impact, erosion and corrosion and also creates a true metallurgical bond.

Brazed tungsten carbide cladding significantly increases equipment life in extreme environments.

Conforma Clad works best when exposed to multiple modes of failure, including combinations of corrosion, abrasion and erosion.

Full-service customer solutions include: wear assessment, solution design and engineering, cladding fabrication and application, installation support, ongoing wear monitoring and consultation.

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