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Congatec has introduced a tablet PC technology demonstration platform designed to illustrate the flexibility of modular programming and its ability to reduce the design time and complexity of compact industrial equipment.

The Qseven pad demonstration platform is based on Congatec’s Qseven Conga-QMX6 module, which features Freescale’s latest I.MX6 processor, providing scalability from single-, dual- and quad-core processors in the same low-power form factor.

The demonstration platform also utilises Congatec’s SBM3 smart battery manager module to manage the complete power conversion, distribution and monitoring.

The platform runs an embedded Linux version. However, it is also capable of running other operating systems, such as Android or Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7).

Key benefits

  • The Conga-QMX6 is said to deliver the low power and high performance needed in demanding applications and portable devices such as ruggedised tablet PCs.
  • As many tablet PCs are now based on the Cortex-A9, a tablet PC featuring a Conga-QMX6 would have exactly the same performance as a full-custom design using the same, or similar, processor but with significantly less design cost and complexity. 
  • Most tablet PCs are still commonly developed using a full-custom approach, which introduces unnecessary complexity; the Qseven demonstration platform uses standard components, and further adaptations can be implemented easily by creating a customer-specific carrier board.

congatec AG is an innovative business that specializes in the development and marketing of industrial computer modules using the standard form factors Qseven, COM Express, XTX and ETX. congatec is today a leading manufacturer in this field.

Embedded computer modules are very small computer boards that can be integrated in almost every application without a cable connection. Every signal is transmitted via small, densely packed board-to-board industrial connectors to a customer- or application-specific carrier board. This carrier board contains all the hardware expansions and also allows the cable less distribution of the required interfaces. Computer boards are equipped with numerous and various connectors in order to allow the connection of a variety of peripherals and expansions.

The company’s products can be used in a variety of industries and applications, such as industrial automation, medical technology, automotive supplies, aerospace and transportation. Core knowledge and technical know-how includes unique extended BIOS features as well as comprehensive driver and board support packages. Following the design-in phase, customers are given support via extensive product lifecycle management. congatec currently has 92 employees and branch offices in the UK, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Israel, Taiwan and the USA. More information is available on our website.

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