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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics will showcase its portfolio of critical connections solutions for aircraft interior applications at the 2010 Aircraft Interiors Expo on 18-20 May in Hamburg, Germany.

These critical connections solutions are customised to meet the exact specifications required for safe and reliable aircraft interior performance.

They incorporate a range of high-performance silicone sealing technologies (both extruded and moulded) dedicated to floor-to-floor applications, aircraft monuments, and galleys.

Saint-Gobain said these technologies guarantee interior components are watertight, airtight, and light-tight.

They also offer abrasion and friction resistance through the incorporation of fabrics and proprietary Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics coatings.

The company works with its clients through a five-step process to develop and manufacture a customised critical connections solution to match their needs.

The Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics team first meets with suppliers and manufacturers to identify potential problems and understand specific requirements.

The team then performs an on-site study of the application to ensure information accuracy.

The team taps into Saint-Gobain’s global resources and expertise to share ideas and develop a solution that meets performance criteria.

The team formally introduces the proposed solution to the client and then holds a thorough review to further refine and perfect the final version.

The critical connections solution is approved by the client and is then manufactured to exact specifications for delivery regionally or globally.

The result is a tailor-made critical connections solution that supports aircraft performance and strengthens the customer brand.

These solutions include precision seals and interior parts for galleys, cabin baggage bins, toilets, emergency exits, dampening plates, crew rest grounds and furnishing panel seals, among others.

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