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PMA, a specialist in nylon-based cable protection systems, has developed the BOO conduit connection 90, designed to surround electrical wiring on door locking and alarm systems.

Sold in packs complete with flange for easy installation and the safe protection of electrical and security cables, PMA said the BOO connector is flexible, hard-wearing and resistant.

Modern locking systems contain electric servo locks with electronic access controls, and energy and signal wires are required for operation: this fitting has been specially designed for conduit connections between the door frame and the door to allow for proper installation of the required wiring.

The turning of conduit has also been factored into the design, with BOO absorbing the movements and tensions caused by the opening and closing of doors.

In the past, vandalism has been a pull factor towards the use of metal tubes and fittings, but today’s alarm systems will be immediately activated when internal cables or wires are manipulated or damaged.

The quick, simple connection on BOO can be easily shortened to the desired length.

PMA said it is light, flexible and tough, making for quick installation at a reasonable price.

As a nylon-based product, there is no risk of annoying scraping or rattling noises that can arise from swinging or moveable parts.

The BOO system can be bought in bulk or as individual contractor packs and is available online and from electrical wholesalers.

BOO is said to benefit from: high-grade, specially formulated polyamide 6; self-extinguishing; free from halogens and cadmium; shock resistant; temperature range from 40C to 105C, short-term 160C.

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