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Cooper Crouse-Hinds has developed explosion-proof connectors that simplify the commissioning and decommissioning of electrical equipment installed in firedamp environments such as underground mines.

Firedamp is a flammable gas predominantly found in coal mines that normally comprises a number of different flammable gases, particularly methane.

It is commonly found in areas where the coal is bituminous.

The gas accumulates in pockets in the coal and adjacent strata and, when these are penetrated, the release of the gas can trigger an explosion.

The new Exlink Mining connector from Cooper Crouse-Hinds is certified for use in hazardous firedamp areas.

The connector enables engineers to commission and decommission a range of electrical equipment in underground mines, without having to use any special tools and without having to isolate, then disconnect, the equipment.

This means that the installation, maintenance and repair of any electrical apparatus in firedamp areas can be carried out in a simple, safe and cost-effective manner, according to the company.

The Exlink Mining connector is designed with armoured cables, which are certified for use in hazardous firedamp areas.

This means that any electrical device with a power consumption up to 16A – light fittings, alarms, sensors, motors and drives, for instance – can simply be plugged in and out using the connector.

Light fittings, for example, which are connected using Exlink, can be serviced or replaced at any time, without having to disconnect the complete lighting circuit.

Actuators and sensors that use Exlink connectors can now be replaced quickly and safely at all times.

Similarly, components on large machines can be replaced much faster and more safely, with minimal effort.

By using the Exlink 6+1 connector, current consumers with three phases up to 16A, PE and two-wire control lead can be connected by using just a small plug.

The compact Exlink series Ex-de-protected plugs and couplers are simple to handle.

The contact sockets are fitted with CEAG lamellar contacts made from punched, specially treated copper beryllium tape, which, thanks to a large number of contact points, ensures proper electrical connection at all times.

An Ex-d housing and the plug pins ensure reliable protection against firedamp in hazardous areas, both during the connection and disconnection of the connector.

As with other Exlink products, the plugs and sockets can be coded.

Depending on the application, the customer can choose between four-pole plus PE (Exlink 4+1) or six-pole plus PE (Exlink 6+1) versions.

The enclosures are available in nickel-plated brass or stainless steel.

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