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Lane Electronics is a franchised assembling distributor for several ITW McMurdo PCB and pitch connector ranges for use primarily in military and aerospace and high-end engineering applications.

The ranges include the 801 and 801CX series two-part PCB connector and the Micronector 200 and Micronector 300 high-density pitch connectors.

As a result of this local manufacture, the connector ranges are available to standard and customer-specific specifications on short lead times.

All three product ranges have been designed to meet the latest UK and international standards for use primarily in MIL/aerospace applications from fast jet to gun turret, where high resistance to vibration and extreme reliability are critical.

Other applications include high-end engineering, where constant exposure to vibration could be an issue that has caused other two-part connectors to fail.

The 801 and 801CX series utilise a 1.27mm (0.05in) staggered pitch with 2.54mm (0.1in) between rows and can be supplied in a variety of contact configurations.

Features include low- and high-frequency contacts, low- and high-power contacts and 19 body sizes up to 96-way.

Terminations include solder, PC, straight, 90-deg, crimp, and wire wrapping, depending on the type of contact used.

Polarising facilities are available and all contacts are removable.

The 801 series is approved to BS9525 N0001 and was originally designed to meet the requirements of BS9525 F0006, F00012, F0027, F0041 and MIL-C-55302/140-155.

ITW McMurdo’s Micronector 200 series can be released to BS9525- F0033 and is designed for board-to-board or cable-to-cable applications and can be assembled in seven sizes, single row from two to seven and 17 ways and in 11 sizes, double row from four to 34 ways.

The connectors feature a small footprint for increased packing density and high-reliability circular contacts for increased resistance to shock and vibration.

Micronector 300 series connectors are three-row, 2mm pitch products that can be supplied in 27, 51 and 78 way sizes.

They are available in a variety of formats including male straight PC, 90 PC and crimp terminations, and female straight PC, flexi-circuit and crimp terminations as well as a male panel-mount version.

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