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Amphenol has expanded its line of Neptune connectors for power generation and distribution applications to include an inline receptacle that provides better protection from environmental elements.

Neptune connectors are designed to provide reliable connection and are 50 per cent smaller in size and weight than competitive models, according to the company.

The inline configuration seals the receptacle’s backshell on the outer jacket cable, versus an open backshell on a panel-mount receptacle, enabling the connector to withstand harsh conditions typically found in power applications, including land and offshore oil exploration and drilling platforms, and power distribution in large-scale facilities such as convention centres, manufacturing plants, production platforms and communication shelters.

The Neptune line features Amphenol’s Radsok system, which provides a higher current flow through a smaller connector.

The line is equipped with plugs and receptacles from 30A to 400A at 600V and has a dielectric strength of 1,800V.

Its lightweight, rugged aluminium hardware is precision machined from high-tensile-strength bar stock and finished with a hard coating to 40 points on the Rockwell C scale.

The connectors have an operating temperature range of -55C to +107C (-67F to +225F) and are heat resistant to +398C (+750F).

Amphenol’s expanded line of IP68-8-rated connectors features armoured and sheathed cable built to IEE-45/UL1309, IEC, BS, DIN and JIC standards as well as unarmoured cables and flexible cables, including S, SO, SOOW-A, W and G-GC types.

To eliminate awkward handling and sealing of inserts with conductors attached, Neptune features ample wiring space for the cable housings to slip over the conductors after termination.

The contact inserts are interchangeable and reversible to suit specific needs.

The contacts are made from nickel silver alloy plating with optional gold plating available.

Conductors are readily terminated to easily accessible pressure wire terminals.

Neptune connectors are resistant to 60Gs, exceeding MIL-STD-167-1 vibration standards.

All receptacles come standard with threaded environmental dust caps.

All plugs feature a mechanical clamp backshell and sealing grommets with optional covers.

Amphenol’s Radsok technology is reliable, with nearly no reported connection failures in Radsok-designed applications, according to the company.

Utilising the tensile strength properties of the flat, high-conductivity alloy grid for the high normal forces required for conductivity, Radsok provides a large conductive surface area.

This results in a correspondingly low voltage drop and low temperature rise while maintaining low insertion forces.

Radsok sizes used in Neptune include #12, #10, #4, #1/0, #4/0 and #350 MCM.

Prices for the Neptune connectors start at USD100 (GBP62) per mated set.

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