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The HBB range of connectors can be used in electric drives and servos for fighting vehicles, power generation, avionics systems, civil aerospace, rail transportation, automotive and medical sectors.

Hypertac has now added two- and three-pole 300A inserts with inbuilt safety loop pins, integrated into a single quick-release connector shell, to this range.

By utilising just one connector shell, latching mechanism and backshell, Hypertac’s new product offers improved connector packaging compared with the use of two or three individual single-pole connectors, so designers can save space.

The HBB 2/3 pole connector includes two 300A-rated contacts integrated into one connector shell measuring 60mm in diameter and three 300A-rated contacts integrated into one connector shell measuring 72mm in diameter, providing up to a 40 per cent smaller connector footprint and reducing weight and cost.

‘Last mate first break’ loop pins enable customers to design their equipment to automatically turn power on and off when connectors are mated or unmated.

Full IP2X protection is provided on the pin and socket in either gender.

Hypertac’s 2/3 pole connectors are available in robust aluminium metal shells, which are fully sealed to IP67 and feature 360deg EMI/RFI shielding.

Configurations are available in cable or panel-mount and straight or multi-angle right-angle back shells, which allow users to simplify their cable-management architecture, further increasing reliability and reducing the likelihood of interconnection failures.

Hypertac’s HBB connectors combine high current handling capability with small size and high environmental performance for demanding power applications.

Designed for easy mating and quick release, the HBB 2/3 pole connectors use Hypertac’s hyperboloid contact technology, which provides a current rating of 300A from a 9mm-diameter pin.

The HBB series features a polarised design with a variety of options that support assembly, allowing simple maintenance and speedy changeover for minimal system downtime.

Rated for use up to 1,000V DC, the HBB series can accept cable sizes up to 70mm2 for 300A versions.

Metal receptacles and plug shells can be specified with a variety of plating options, including zinc/cobalt, cadmium and electroless nickel.

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