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Active Sensors has introduced the miniature RH0600 from its range of Hall Effect contactless rotary position sensors.

The model is designed around a two-part assembly consisting of an electronics module sealed to IP67, and a separate operating shaft set within twin ‘long life’ stainless-steel ball-race bearings.

The design offers a virtually unlimited ‘electrical life’ sensor that doesn’t rely on shaft seals for its useful operating life.

The RH0600 is suited to measurement applications where fluid, debris and vibration are a major consideration.

Additional features include: virtually ‘infinite’ electrical life; sealed against ingress; and low-force shaft operation.

The sensor operates from either a 5V DC regulated or 6-30V DC unregulated supply and the output signal is 0.5-4.5V over a measurement range up to 360deg.

The operating temperature is 130C and every RH sensor module is heat cycled prior to final calibration to ensure output-signal stability when operated at elevated temperatures.

The sensors’ electrical angle and output signal direction, clockwise or anticlockwise, is specified by the customer.

The compact electronics housing is designed for the easy fitting of a Raychem heat-shrink cable boot.

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