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All Seasons Hire has introduced further products to its range of containerised portable hot water and heating boilers.

The company said the new 100kW boilers are more compact, and that the revised footprint enables the hire-boiler to be installed in small spaces.

Four 500kW portable boilers were also delivered to the company in April 2009.

These formed the latest batch of newly designed containerised portable boilers.

The first delivery of the 2009 portable boilers are capable of delivering 250kW of heating and hot water duty, are fully self-contained and designed to a high standard using quality parts and components.

The 250kW and 550kW boilers are manufactured by Ferroli, the pumps by Gundfoss, the heat exchangers by Alpha Laval, and controls and electrical components by Siemens.

The portable boiler room is designed for easy installation and maintenance.

It is fully compliant to UK quality standards and can be run on diesel oil or natural gas.

Kelvin Fogwill, managing director at All Seasons Hire, said: ‘We are also developing a range of steam boilers to add to our growing hire fleet.

‘Our latest 550kW boilers come in fully mobile, towable versions or fully portable containerised plant rooms.

‘Following the latest delivery of the 100kW and 250kW units, we will be receiving four more 500kW portable boilers; these will also be built to our own design using Ferroli boilers and the same high-quality components used in the 250kW model.’ The portable boilers on hire from All Seasons Hire are delivering hot water and heating to a range of projects, including several hospital refurbishments, university refurbishments, Royal Navy facility refurbishment, retirement homes and several under-floor heating projects.

Other products from All Seasons Hire include portable air-conditioning units; portable chiller units; portable space heaters; dehumidifiers and commercial refrigeration.

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