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Ingersoll-Rand’s new control handle is intended for use in the easy handling of loads from 5-225kg.

Used with Ingersoll-Rand’s standard range of pneumatic load balancers, it is completely pneumatic and so does not require any electric power supply.

It gives the user an acute sense of control, with ergonomic positioning of the load, which allows increased productivity, the company said.

With the inline control, the raising and lowering of the load is carried out intuitively through the action of the control handle.

The operator controls all the movement with one hand.

In effect, the handle is 100 per cent sensitive, and the speed of motion is thus proportionate to the effort applied by the operator.

The load can be positioned effectively and directly onto the component with an effort equivalent to five per cent of its own mass.

If no pressure is applied to the control handle, the load remains balanced no matter where the load balancer is located on its translation area.

With a simple pneumatic sensor on the gripper, two different loads can be balanced: the empty gripper or the gripper with the component to be handled.

The inline control adapts to a range of loads, starting at around 80 per cent of a load balancerandacute;s capacity.

The installation of the inline control is easy because it works completely by pneumatics.

The majority of parts (control box, control cable, control handle, grippers, and so on) are standard Ingersoll-Rand products.

Being 100 per cent pneumatic also eases maintenance operations and guarantees a greater reliability in cases of intensive use.

The Ingersoll-Rand teams offer an inline control model that is best-suited to where it will be used, according to the following criteria: rails, brackets, manipulator arms, cycle time, vertical running, horizontal movement, number of loads and their weight, type of gripper and components, and total height availability.

The solutions team at Ingersoll-Rand can also develop a specific, customised gripper on-demand.

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