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Control See has released the 2010 version of its U C ME-OPC alarm notification software that can connect to any Scada application, DCS system or OPC server using OPC connectivity.

The new version of the software introduces scheduling functionality to the existing alarm notification (via SMS, pager, e-mail, voice and fax), remote control (via SMS and phone) and alarm analysis functionality.

Using the U C ME-OPC Scheduler, customers will be able to schedule events and tasks and make their maintenance activities easier than before.

There is no need to use external tools or PLC programming for scheduling.

Scheduled events are based on time, date or day of the week.

Event information can be sent to any phone recipient (as a text or voice message), e-mail recipient, pager, or fax recipient.

The event’s e-mail can also contain an attached file.

Tasks can be used to: change field values and set-points; run Windows programs; suspend/resume alarm notification; restart the computer; send a predefined text or voice message to any recipient; and so on.

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