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Schmidt Technology’s Presscontrol 5000 control system is designed for use with the company’s current and future generations of advanced servo presses.

The Presscontrol 5000 has been developed to provide original equipment manufacturers and end users with a flexible, cost-effective and modular control system.

The system is claimed to maximise the power and controllability of the press technology.

Each Presscontrol 5000 comprises a central control unit, suitable for direct interface with process networks via Profibus, Canopen, Ethernet and other industry-standard protocols.

The system also features a dedicated human-machine-interface unit, with a high-definition colour 19in (48cm) TFT display, trackball, sealed membrane keyboard and control wheel.

The new control system can be used to network up to six Schmidt servo presses or NC axis, plus standard hydro-pneumatic and pneumatic presses.

The system can handle a maximum of 2,000 inputs/outputs and is supplied with USB and RS232 interfaces for remote diagnostics, with software components running under a Windows XP architecture.

The company provides full UK-based technical support, including assistance with installation, programming and long-term operation, plus engineering and customisation services.

Schmidt Technology

SCHMIDT Technology Ltd. (UK) has grown to become the UK market leader in first-class stand alone machines, press tooling and assembly stations. The company has an excellent quality record and an experienced, loyal and highly motivated workforce.

The SCHMIDT Press Control offers high standards of safety and precision due to its force/stroke monitoring and integrated measurement technology.

SCHMIDT Technology Ltd. (UK) aims to provide a Total Tooling Solution to its customers from design and sampling to manufacture. Our tools are built for maximum life with minimum servicing. We strongly believe that quality tooling is essential to meet high productivity levels.

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