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ICP DAS has released WISE 1.1, a new multi-module version of its specialised and programmable application controller named WISE, which stands for Web Inside, Smart Engine.

WISE modules offer a web interface that allows users to implement IF-THEN-ELSE control logic on controllers with just a few clicks; no programming knowledge is required.

Its powerful and simple features help to minimise the learning curve, shorten time to market and dramatically reduce the labour and cost of system development.

Through the web browser, users connect to the built-in web server on the WISE controllers to perform tasks such as IF-THEN-ELSE logic rule implementation.

Then the rule engine will be set up to manage and deploy logic rules for the controllers.

From then on it will perform actions as outlined, such as sending email or SMS messages under specific conditions only.

A major advantage is that WISE modules can now recognise others set up in the same system and use this connection to share data and logic.

Advanced P2P function allows users to expand their logic rule design from single WISE controllers to multiple others.

Now all WISE controllers can share status information such as DI/DO AI/AO channel values, counter values or internal register values with each other, resulting in increased convenience and minimised human error.

This is especially useful when performing complicated logic rule design involving communication between multiple controllers.

Other new features include calendar interface for more convenient schedule setting; CGI commands for sending data to interact with surveillance systems; and recipe functions for group actions, to help reduce repetitive work.

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