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Converteam has shipped the first of two 75 tonne, 36MW generators designed to match the power requirement of the propulsion motors for the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) aircraft carriers.

These are major components of the electrical system for the two new 65,000 tonne ships for which Converteam has designed the Integrated Full Electric Power (IFEP) and propulsion system.

The two 36MW generators, manufactured in Rugby, will supply the four 20MW Converteam Advanced Induction Motors.

The generators will be coupled with their Rolls-Royce MT30 gas turbines before final installation in the ship.

In addition to the supply of propulsion motors and associated generators, the scope includes four additional electrical power generators, the high-voltage switchboards, the variable-speed drives and harmonic filters and the Electrical Power Control and Management System (EPCAMS).

Converteam claims to be an expert in the electrification of the marine industry, supplying advanced technologies in power generation and distribution, electric propulsion, vessel automation, power management and control systems to merchant marine vessels such as cruise liners, LNG carriers and research vessels, as well as to naval ships.

Converteam supplied the first LNG carrier ever equipped with electric propulsion and is the long-term partner to the US, UK and French Navies for militarised integrated full-electric propulsion systems installed on the most advanced generations of warships such as destroyers, frigates, aircraft carriers and logistics vessels.

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