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Converteam has supplied its medium-voltage MV7000 power converter for full-load, back-to-back, testing of a turbine manufactured by Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing (XEMC).

The Chinese wind turbine developer recently unveiled a 5MW permanent magnet generator for a direct-drive offshore-specific wind turbine.

Tests undertaken at XEMC’s generator test facility verified critical design parameters of performance and safety, as well as overall effectiveness of the new turbine.

The power converter is a critical component of any wind turbine as it allows optimisation of the generator’s power output and ensures continuous operation even in low wind conditions and optimal grid stability.

Converteam’s medium-voltage MV7000 range of power converters is said to recognise the trend towards the development of more powerful offshore wind turbines and the demands for equipment with high efficiency and reliability.

XEMC plans to initially install two of this new class of turbines by the end of 2010, one in China and the other in Europe.

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