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Kabelschlepp presented functional details of a coolant-resistant protective cover and intelligent conveyor technology at the recent Hannover Trade Fair 2010.

The company said that Peter Wolters of Rendsburg, a provider of grinding machines, uses only high-quality components for construction and development; as a result, a deep grinder from Kabelschlepp was equipped with back-panel systems.

The cross-cover system is used in a stainless-steel version, which means that it is resistant to virtually every new medium.

Conventional solutions such as bellows can be destroyed by the corrosive media and particles used in the system and therefore do not offer reliable protection on the long run.

With stainless-steel cross-cover protection, users can practically eliminate cost-intensive downtime for repairs.

The construction of the protective covers was adapted to the travel length of the machining spindle in the X and Y axis on the grinder.

The synchronised expansion mechanism from Kabelschlepp is said to ensure smooth running and allows high speeds and high accelerations without difficulties.

Designed for harsh operating conditions, the cross cover requires little maintenance; it also features IP X5 protection against fluid spray.

Another application-oriented solution offered by Kabelschlepp is the integration of a process controller in conveyor systems.

In conventional systems, the fill level of the collection container has to be monitored by the operator.

The automatic fill level and container detection function prevents overflowing and blockage, without manual intervention.

It stops the conveyor when a configurable fill level is reached and the operator can change the container.

This also contributes to operator safety, since the detection function prevents the operator from reaching into the discharge end while the conveyor is in operation and prevents the discharge of heavy pieces when no container is present.

As soon as an empty or not overfilled container is positioned correctly under the conveyor, the controller enables the conveyor belt and checks constantly whether the container is in position.

The company provides the conveyor system both in the standard version and in customised dimensions, with chip containers in various models.

It can optionally be equipped with a material sensor so the conveyor belt speed changes when chips or similar material are present on the belt.

The system enables the recording of operating times and downtimes.

The products presented included both new developments and improvements to existing solutions, as well as industry-specific special versions.

Kabelschlepp Metool

KABELSCHLEPP can supply all your cable chain (drag chain) requirements for your moving applications – including cables!

We cover any size and material requirement you may have. Our cost effective carriers and technical know-how in both steel and plastic results in being THE only carrier supplier you will need.

KABELSCHLEPP Metool’s range of cable chains provides vital protection to moving cables and hoses on your equipment. If you are an OEM or end user – we have a product.

One of our hallmarks is the material variety in our portfolio.

Whether steel, stainless steel, plastic or hybrid solutions with plastic chains – KABELSCHLEPP are always able to select the optimal material quality for the respective application.

Whatever your carrier must be – economical or versatile, lightweight or robust. Whether you need fast or silent cable carriers, large unsupported lengths, fixed carrier widths or customized to the exact millimeter. Large interior heights or special design requirements – 3D carriers – we can supply!

We cover ANY cable carrier – (drag chain) – size and application requirement you have.

KABELSCHLEPP also offers a comprehensive flexible cable range, specially designed for dynamic applications – TRAXLINE. We offer a wide selection of cables which are cost effective, flexible and extremely durable. For indoor and outdoor applications, shielded or unshielded, temperature or UV-resistant, cost-effective or high-end products with high mechanical resistance are available. The cable series covers every need in power, control, high-performance, single-conductor, data, BUS and Coax cabling, as well as common system cabling to Siemens or Indramat standards.

Our cable ranges meet the highest quality standards.

KABELSCHLEPP is a provider of solutions – TOTALTRAX –

Cable carriers, cables and connectors – matched components, supplied ready to install and with a warranty for the entire system!

The benefits of TOTALTRAX, design engineers can fully concentrate on their main task. This creates the potential for more efficient capacity utilization – a particularly important factor at a time when the economy is experiencing a further upturn.

KABELSCHLEPP can also provide kit for machine structures – Telescopic covers, Way Wipers, Link apron Covers, bellow and Conveyors.

Whatever the application – Kabelschlepp with its experienced UK engineers, cost effective product and comprehensive range – we are THE contact for you.

We look forward to your call – for a no obligation quotation today.

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