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Amir Power Transmission recently retrofitted drives for a system of 150 conveyors, replacing the oversized units the customer had in use with its smaller, more correctly sized units.

The use of smaller units means that less energy consumed, reducing bills for the customer and offering environmental benefits as less CO is produced.

For each pair of helical bevels, the efficiency is generally around 97 to 98 per cent, which applies to all of Amir’s units using this gearing, including its planetary 300 series gearboxes and its C series coaxial and A series helical bevels.

With these products, Amir is able to offer both in-line and right-angled configurations to optimise space.

A customer recently selected Amir’s products because it offered them with two stages of gearing, rather than the competitors’ three stages – providing an efficiency saving of two per cent, less CO produced and lower power bills.

The company is able to offer energy-efficient motors, or gearboxes with IEC inputs, to enable other motor manufacturers’ high-efficiency products to be used.

It also suppliers inverters, which can be used for optimising the performance and efficiency of a system through voltage optimisation and speed control.

This is particularly effective in running pumps and fans at the most desired speed for a particular circumstance within the application, rather than a constant speed.

This type of system is said to offer a substantial saving because the power-to-speed relationship is not linear.

Amir Power Transmission

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