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Carter Environmental Engineers has installed two custom-designed cooling towers at Joseph Heler to help the cheese-maker improve efficiency and hygiene.

Joseph Heler was experiencing problems with two old cooling towers at its creamery in Hatherton, near Nantwich, prompting the need for a more efficient and hygienic system.

The installation included adapting Carter’s Sandringham B cooling towers to utilise Joseph Heler’s preference for stainless steel dairy pipe fittings and stainless steel air-actuated float valves, instead of standard screwed fittings and copper ball floats.

This was combined with ABB electronic controls.

Carter Environmental Engineers’ custom-built Sandringham cooling tower is a forced-draught counter-flow design covering water flow rates from 6m3/hr to 600m3/hr.

Incorporating a direct drive axial fan-set located on the side of the tower at low level, the Sandringham benefits from ultra-high efficiency, interlocking drift eliminators, and a multi-sloping ‘ERS’ base tank with bottom-located drain.

Part of Carter Environmental Engineers range of ACOPL8 fully compliant water-cooling equipment, the Sandringham also features a removable pack access door and a non-aerosol forming, self-draining trough and weir water distribution system.

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