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Daat are offering the Coolit v.9 thermal and flow-analysis software, said to shorten modelling time for engineers simulating complex electronics.

The user can build complex IC chip models using either model constructors which guide from start to finish, create them from scratch using basic Coolit building blocks, or pick them ready to go from the expanded IC Package library.

The IC package models can then be transformed into compact resistor models, if desired.

Coolit includes instant conversion from constructor and library models and from arbitrary user-built models.

Compact resistor models reduce the computational resources necessary to compute complex models with large numbers of IC packages with little impact on accuracy.

Coolit v.9 incorporates two compact resistor model options: a Delphi option and a 14-resistor model option.

The Delphi option lets the user specify a resistor network using Delphi methodology for generating environment-independent compact resistor models of IC packages.

The 14-resistor compact model can be used for converting detailed models built in Coolit.

Numerous user interface and graphics enhancements have been added, as well as 64-bit operating system support for Coolplot, Coolit’s graphics post-processor.

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