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Copa-Data has equipped its HMI/Scada tool with programmed driver and project simulation that can simulate automation projects covering entire facilities without the need for hardware to be connected.

For the user, this means that equipment is put into operation more quickly and more safely, training can be more realistic and the analysis of live situations is more comprehensive.

The programmable zenon driver simulation creates a virtual test environment to achieve tests that are very close to reality.

Once programmed in the Straton Soft-PLC, it provides project simulations with realistic values, as though the hardware were already connected.

At the same time, it enables project simulation, which makes it possible to switch a live system to simulation mode at any time.

While the driver simulation also feeds in changeable process values without being connected to the control hardware, the project simulation provides a defined environment with actual equipment values, as in real operation.

The zenon simulation supports automation in a number of ways.

When engineering a project, processes are simulated realistically so that equipment can be tested extensively before being put into operation.

In training, employees can learn using real projects with realistic actions and reactions.

When problems arise in the facility, the user creates an image of the ongoing process in Runtime.

This can then be analysed in detail using the simulation mode.

As part of Chameleon Technology, Copa-Data also provides special colour palettes for the simulation mode.

Therefore, each operator can see at a glance in which mode – live or simulation – any given display is currently running.

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