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Copley Controls has introduced a range of direct-drive linear modules that integrate a linear motor, cable management, bearing rail and position sensor.

The Servotube module is designed to make it easier for machine builders to build high-throughput multi-axis systems rapidly and affordably.

It complements Copley’s Servotube high-rigidity self-contained Z-axis system.

It reduces risk and can improve time to market because, unlike in-house integration, the linear motion subsystem’s characteristics and parameters are predetermined.

The Servotube combines the company’s magnetic design and built-in position sensor to provide 350-micrometre position accuracy.

Its industry-standard 1V peak-peak sine/cosine output provides convenient feedback for many standard rotary servo motor drives.

Using Copley Controls’ own self-tuning Xenus and Accelnet servo amplifiers with its PC-based motion engineering tools, engineers can adapt it to any application.

Drives from manufacturers such as Siemens, Parker and BandR are also supported.

Electro-motive force is transferred directly to the forcer carriage without any physical contact; unlike ballscrews, there are no energy-storing components to introduce positioning errors caused by wind-up or backlash.

The linear drive module can therefore achieve 12-micrometre repeatability without any additional engineering.

For higher-precision applications, the position resolution can be upgraded to 1 micrometre with an integrated optical encoder.

The Servotube module is available in two versions: a powerful industrial drive with strokes of up to 1323mm and peak forces of 312-1,860N, and a compact version with shorter strokes of up to 825mm for space-critical applications.

Both models are high speed (up to 8.7m/s and 10.8m/s respectively) and are capable of powerful 11-31G acceleration with 12-micrometre repeatability for reliable, high duty cycle service.

The non-contact electro-magnetic drive provides the Servotube module with very long life compared to other linear motion technologies, during which there is no degradation in performance.

The Servotube is suitable for pick-and-place machines, gantry axes, assembly lines, and general positioning where high throughput and excellent repeatability are required.

It is suitable for use in a wide range of environments, because its position sensor is built into the forcer carriage and is protected from dirt.

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