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MMG Magdev has signed a partnership with Dublin-based AMS, enabling more efficient, smaller power supplies with new low loss magnetic cores.

The cores can reduce choke core volume by up to 50 per cent for equivalent performance compared with established alternatives, and can be custom designed to suit individual applications by Magdev’s specialist engineering team.

AMS Ener-G Amorphous C-Cores from Magdev are ideal for single-phase and three-phase reactors and output chokes.

Ener-G cores store up to 50 per cent more energy compared with alternative materials such as ferrites, Sendust and silicon steel, allowing performance and efficiency to be enhanced without increasing the size of the system, or size to be reduced without compromising performance.

Ener-G cores are manufactured using an ultra-thin ribbon casting process that reduces unwanted eddy current losses at higher frequencies.

The non-crystalline amorphous structure of the iron-based ribbon helps ensure minimum magnetic reversal losses.

The cores are ideal for the growing number of high frequency power conditioning applications.

Also new from Magdev are AMS Electra-phi choke cores that deliver the size reduction of iron-based amorphous cores without the temperature rises that normally characterise this material.

Iron-based amorphous cores have a high theoretical energy storage capacity, which is rarely achieved in practice without a significant rise in temperature-reducing efficiency.

This is due to the increased magnetic losses associated with the higher working flux density.

The new AMS Electra-phi cores feature reduced magnetic losses in the core, to less than 50W/Kg at 100kHz and 0.1 Tesla, allowing designers to achieve smaller size, lower losses, lower temperature rise and higher efficiency.

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