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Bronkhorst’s Cori-Fill, a compact solution for fluid dosage, is based on the mass measurement of its (mini) Cori-Flow series of Coriolis-type instruments for flow rates between 400 mg/h and 600 kg/h.

Cori-Fill technology features integrated batch counters and the facility to directly control a close-coupled shut-off valve for brief batch sequences down to

Cori-Fill offers this functionality, with plug-and-play simplicity that enables an immediate start to dosage duties after connecting power and fluid accessories.

In contrast with gravimetric processes using weighing scales, where compounds are dosed one by one, Cori-Fill systems can add all ingredients simultaneously, shortening batch and agitation cycles, as well as improving quality.

The amount to be dosed can be easily preset by programming the batch counters via a fieldbus connection, with all the standard digital protocols available.

Due to the small footprint of the (mini) Cori-Flow instruments, it is possible to fit the flowmeter close to the shut-off valve, which result in fast response times and greater accuracy since there is a minimal delay effect in the pipeline.

It is also possible to mount multiple Cori-Fill assemblies together in highly compact, simultaneous dosing systems with the absence of moving parts or line intrusions, which results in less maintenance and cleaning downtime.

Cori-Fill is designed for batching, blending, dosing, filling, sterilisation and similar duties in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, contact lens and life-science industries, as well as being of interest to OEM machine builders.

Suitable for all types of liquid additives, fragrances, flavours and colourants, including those with entrained air or solids, the Coriolis direct mass measurement method eliminates volumetric variation caused by changing temperatures and densities of ingredients, leading to accurate, repeatable quantities batch after batch.

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