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Corus Rail has just installed its first modular platform system in France, in the Paris suburb of Mitry Claye.

The main advantage of this Corus system is that its design allows the majority of the installation work (including foundation construction) to be done behind a safety fence and away from operating railway.

This means that the railway does not need to close during the majority of the work, resulting in obvious cost savings due to a lack of disruption to train service.

Modular platforms fit various needs including: length extension for longer trains, height extension of existing platforms (for handicapped or elderly access), easy to remove and adjust platforms and more.

Corus development teams have totally re-designed the concrete railway platform to create a modular product made from rectangular hollow steel sections.

The objective is to provide a cost-efficient, quick way to design and install passenger platforms.

Corus modular systems can be customised with all kind of surfaces and finishes.

For Mitry Claye, the platform was initially installed to suit the current track position.

The track will be moved slightly in two to three years and adjusted to tie in with this new track alignment.

The most recent Corus installations in the UK have been part of the Thameslink Project.

These were part of the extension of existing platforms in order to allow for longer trains.

At Mill Hill, in the northern suburbs of London, four platforms were extended around 50 to 60m each.

A 50m temporary platform extension over Blackfriars bridge, as part of the Backfriars Station works, has also been completed.

The use of lightweight components minimises foundation impact and eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming ground treatment measures.

Specific installation material is not required, the traffic is not interrupted during erection and the structure has a 75-year life span.

During that period, the Corus modular system is also adjustable and can be relocated.

The platform system allows a full solution to be designed and installed in a few weeks.

Corus has developed specific software that allows a quick customised design, starting from standard modules, whatever the width, length or curvature (convex, concave or reverse).

Structural resistance, shape and weight are automatically computed.

Thanks to the low weight of the individual components, installation can be carried out manually.

Each component requires only a one or two person lift.

Pre-surfaced modular deck panels can also be proposed or a bespoke finish can be used to enable extensions to fit in aesthetically with existing structures.

Modular design and low weight allow the platform to be dismantled and placed in another location if required.

The height can be changed by altering the adjustable feet.

This allows for variation in foundation levels to be readily accommodated within certain tolerances.

Thanks to a cantilevered design, the platform can be largely installed in the green zone while the line is still open.

In this secure area, workers can operate while trains are running.

Possessions are therefore only required to gauge the platform and lay the final surfacing.

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