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Cosaf Environments combined its knowledge with Seeley International Europe’s Breezair Evaporative Cooling to solve a sticky problem at JCB Transmissions.

By specifying six Breezair TBA coolers, Cosaf Environments has reduced temperatures in the company’s gearbox plant by more than 10C.

JCB Transmissions in Wrexham, Wales, develops, makes and markets gearboxes, axles and power-transmission systems.

Part of the factory area has a low-level roof, which trapped warm air and caused temperatures to reach more than 33C in summer.

Site services manager, Barry Stevens, turned to Cosaf Environments, UK distributor for Breezair coolers to solve the problem.

The company conducted a thorough on-site survey of the gearbox plant area to improve thermal comfort.

Following the survey, an evaporative cooling system was designed and six Breezair TBA air coolers were installed on the roof above the low roofed section of the gearbox plant with cool air being distributed via ductwork to air diffusers and then into the heat-affected areas to provide temperature relief.

Such has been the success of the installation that Barry Stevens is now in discussion with Cosaf Environments about installing heating and cooling into the other part of the gearbox plant.

Barry Stevens, site services manager for JCB Transmissions, said: ‘Breezair has enabled us to provide very effective cooling for our employees without using equipment with polluting HCFC gases and using 80 per cent less energy than we would have used had we installed refrigerative air conditioning.’ The Breezair coolers are group-controlled by a single Breezair Industrial Wall Control (IWC), which enables the cooling system to be controlled at the touch of a button.

The IWC has a smart temperature control algorithm that maintains the indoor temperature to within 0.5 degrees of the set point as well as humidity limit control, seven-day clock and comprehensive fault diagnostics that enable the installation to be quickly serviced.

Breezair coolers contain large high-efficiency cooling pads that are kept wet by a pump and water-distribution system.

Air is drawn through the pads by a powerful fan and is cooled by the evaporative process, providing a constant flow of naturally cooled, fresh air, without any air being re-circulated.

The Breezair system is housed in a simple, clean, ultra-modern designed plastic casing developed to withstand all weather conditions.

The Breezair’s components include a water distribution system, which delivers continuous, balanced water coverage to all the pads.

The system ensures maximum cooling efficiency and minimal maintenance problems.

An aerodynamic fan provides a constant, even flow of air over the pads to provide a welcome cool breeze with minimal noise and low energy consumption.

Other pioneering components include an efficient water pump that guarantees constant and reliable cooling when needed and a long-lasting variable speed motor that controls comfort levels.

Cosaf Environments

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