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Cosense has launched the SL-630 non-invasive ultrasonic liquid level sensor for plastic containers, which can be used in a wide range of operating environments.

The unit can be easily installed on the outside of a container using a range of mounting options — including disposable, non-disposable and flange — in order to avoid contaminating the liquid.

According to the company, the sensor is able to function in virtually any type of fluid, regardless of colour, transparency, and the shape and size of the bottom of the container.

It features a range of input/output choices — including fail safe — integral electronics and does not require calibration.

The SL-630 is suitable for plastic containers with a diameter of 2–8in (51–203mm) and a wall thickness of up to 0.25in (6.35mm). For use on containers with different diameters and glass and metal containers, consult Cosense.

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