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The Schmidt-Kupplung is a compact, torsionally stiff performance shaft coupling for a large, variable radial shaft offset and transmits torque without adding side loads to the drive.

Schmidt-Kupplung is suitable for applications such as woodworking, roll-forming, printing, packaging and paper-making machines.

The all-metal coupling is designed to transmit high torque in a compact envelope and provides high torsional stiffness.

The precise coupling transmits torque under constant angular velocity at all possible offsets.

The compact system offers variable offsets between the drive and driven shaft during operation.

Three series are available with a torque range from 35 to 6.610Nm.

The series incorporates a compact design, an offset capacity up to 115mm and torque transmission up to 2.875Nm.

Schmidt-Kupplung offers the Power Plus series for higher torque requirements.

This series offers more torque transmission up to 6.610Nm while retaining compact design.

The series Offset Plus offers parallel shaft offset up to 275mm while retaining compact design.

All couplings are available in a locking-assembly version with standard bore diameters up to 90mm, standard hub version and flange-mounting version.

For applications where space is limited and the coupling has to be mounted without moving any machine parts axially, special versions with split hubs can be used for an easy drop-out installation.


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