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For applications such as test and measurement, inspection, semi-conductor, solar panel and medical devices, Ruland manufactures components including oldham couplings and beam couplings.

While both coupling types are backlash-free and feature misalignment capabilities, small performance differences make the choice of coupling critical depending on application parameters.

Ruland oldham couplings are comprised of two aluminium hubs with drive tenons that mate with a floating centre member.

This design allows for easy sliding to accommodate misalignment.

Oldham couplings have very light bearing loads since the only resistance caused by misalignment is frictional.

They also have the advantages of electrical isolation.

The couplings accommodate angular and axial misalignment, but are especially useful in applications where parallel misalignment is present.

The replaceable centre discs are available in two materials, offering different levels of torsional rigidity.

Beam couplings from Ruland have overlapping spiral cuts in a single piece of aluminium.

The spiral cuts accommodate angular misalignment, parallel misalignment and axial motion.

The one-piece design and cut pattern ensure backlash-free operation and allow for a small amount of shock absorption.

Beam couplings are especially suitable when angular or complex misalignment is present.

Stainless-steel versions are also available for applications requiring higher torque-transmission capabilities.

Ruland beam and oldham couplings are offered in a variety of body sizes with bore sizes from 2 to 28mm.

The complete line of products includes shaft collars and rigid couplings, and a full line of motion-control couplings: beam couplings, bellows couplings, oldham couplings, miniature disc couplings and zero-backlash jaw couplings.

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