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CPS Color, a supplier of advanced tinting systems, has launched the Corob First 70 automatic dispenser.

The First 70 dispenser is suitable for tinting medium volumes per day.

Increased productivity rates can be achieved with the sequential or higher-speed simultaneous versions.

The Corob First 70 is equipped with a newly developed membrane valve with a new shape and use of materials.

This smoothes the handling of both water- and solvent-borne colorants, even in demanding circumstances.

The design of the flat-bottom canisters provides a suitable environment for colorants once in the machine.

The improvement of behaviour can be seen especially in colorants that are sensitive to sedimentation and clogging.

The higher pressure level achieved by the new pumping mechanics allows a better colorant flow from the canisters to the nozzle.

The Corob First 70 dispenser also ensures that everyday operations are simple and effective, with smart access to the colorant canister for refilling.

Access is also provided to the service operator for maintenance.

A choice of two frame sizes enables the selection of the machine that makes the best fit, not only for the requirements of the colorants being used but also so that the use of the floor space in the store can be optimised.

The Corob First 70 dispenser’s strong metal sheet cabinet panels are optimal for everyday use.

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