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The School of Applied Sciences at Cranfield University is offering a part-time Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) MSc course.

IVHM is a multi-sector discipline applied to a range of vehicles that can transform system data into information to support operational decisions on vehicle condition, leading to improved availability and minimised maintenance.

Delivered through the IVHM Centre – launched in 2008 in partnership with industry organisations (Boeing, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Meggitt, Thales, Ministry of Defence and Alstom Transport) and EEDA – the part-time course draws on the research undertaken by the centre to provide a holistic approach to IVHM.

On this MSc course, students will learn to identify business opportunities where IVHM can make a real difference.

They are trained through the concepts and practice of the end-to-end process from sensing data from assets, communicating the data for analysis, and formulating operational decisions from the resulting database.

The course comprises eight assessed modules (six compulsory, two elective), a group project and an individual research project.

Compulsory modules include: IVHM Business Context; Diagnostics and Prognostics; Instrumentation and Signal Processing; System Engineering and Integration; IVHM Architecture and Design; and IVHM Data Management.

Elective modules (select two) include: Management of Technology and Innovation; Lifecycle Management; Requirements Engineering and Concept Creation; Product Engineering and Costing; Supply Chain Management; Air Transport Engineering (Maintenance Operations.

The group projects are group-based activities typically undertaken in year one that are designed to integrate knowledge, understanding and skills from the taught modules in a real-life situation.

The group project will involve a team of students working to investigate an IVHM opportunity or solve an IVHM problem.

With guidance from an allocated supervisor students will conduct an individual research project, which will be relevant to their organisation.

Cranfield University School of Applied Science said successful students go on to roles in the rapidly developing field of IVHM in industries as varied as water treatment and Formula One, leading the development of IVHM solutions and organisation.

Qualifications of Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip), comprising the eight taught modules and the group project, and the Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert), comprising six taught modules, are also available for this course.

Cranfield University, School of Applied Sciences

Cranfield University is a wholly postgraduate university with an international community and a truly global reputation. The School of Applied Sciences is recognised for its multi-disciplinary approach to research and teaching in relation to manufacturing, materials, natural resources and sustainable systems. We also provide short courses and consultancy services to our clients. Cranfield is third in the UK for the impact of its mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing research. Through our focus on fundamental research and its application to meet the needs of industry and society, Applied Sciences is a major contributor to these positions. We have a successful track record of working closely with organisations around the world. Our success is due to our staff and the quality of the students whose careers we help develop. We operate key facilities which underpin our research, teaching and short courses.  

The School of Applied Sciences offers an extensive engineering portfolio of full and part-time masters’ programmes, funded research opportunities and short courses, across a number of sectors.  All courses are designed to meet the training needs of industry, and benefit from significant input from experts in the sector.

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