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Bongards’ Creameries has selected Pavilion8 model-predictive control technology to increase capacity, reduce energy consumption and increase yield.

Bongards’ Creameries chose the Pavilion Technologies Dairy Industry Solution from Rockwell Automation for advanced process control of its deproteinised whey (DPW) and stork spray dryers at its plant in Perham, Minnesota.

The Bongards’ DPW and stork spray dryers are essential for removing moisture in order to produce high-quality powdered whey products.

Typically, dryers are the most energy-intensive units used in dairy processing, and one of the most optimal operations in meeting final product quality specifications during production.

The Pavilion Technologies Dairy Industry Solution controls the final product’s average moisture to a desired target, while reducing overall moisture variability and operating just below the glass transition point to achieve optimal performance.

Improving control of its dryers will help Bongards’ increase capacity, reduce energy consumption and increase yield.

The Pavilion Dairy Industry Solution is based on the Pavilion8 modular software platform to provide modelling, prediction, control and optimisation capabilities in one unified system.

Bongards’ will leverage the Pavilion solution in its dryer application to help manage product quality consistently closer to product specifications, reduce variability of product quality, and maximise throughput subject to equipment and process constraints.

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