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CRFS has released a self-contained version of its RFeye product, housed in a compact backpack and complete with antennas, power supply, communications and local storage.

The product will allow for simple and discreet sweeps of an area by a single person on foot, allowing spectrum users, regulators, law enforcement and intelligence agencies to verify real-time spectrum use and check for anomalous emissions in frequency bands up to 6GHz.

The RFeye backpack system can store results locally for later analysis or communicate its findings in real time to a control centre anywhere in the world.

It can also be remotely controlled and configured if desired.

Dr Alistair Massarella, chief executive officer of CRFS, said: ‘RFeye units are policing spectrum usage, border monitoring, perimeter protection and counter-terrorism and the RFeye Backpack will add a key extra capability for our users.

‘The system can be used covertly: there is nothing in the appearance of the backpack that gives any hint as to its purpose.

‘No user intervention is required during the walk around, allowing an area to be surveyed and monitored in an entirely discreet manner.’

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