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A Cropico microhmmeter is being used by certification, testing and inspection house Bureau Veritas to test the safety of cables installed in quarries operated by contractors across Britain.

A low-resistance microhmmeter with a 10A test current is essential for testing electrical circuits installed within quarries due to the low resistance of the cables, which cannot be accurately tested using a regular ohmmeter.

Bureau Veritas has specified the DO7010 to inspect the safety of these circuits as, if left unchecked, they offer a high risk of fire or electric shock.

The DO7010 has been developed for a range of electronic engineering, design and manufacturing applications requiring accurate, low-resistance measurement.

With a measuring range of 600uohm to 60ohm with 0.1 and 10mohm resolution respectively, the instrument can measure with switchable current levels of 1 or 10A on all except the highest range.

Externally recharged NiMh battery packs can be replaced quickly via the front panel to ensure minimum downtime anywhere.

An LCD panel displays full information on measurement configuration and a single start button ensures ease of use, while the ability to trigger measurements by lead contact to the test device provides fast, single-person operation.

A remote hand terminal is also available to fully control the tester at up to 15m distance.

Other features include a robust design, true four-terminal measurement to eliminate lead resistance errors, auto average of forward/reverse measurement and sequence testing with memory for 1,000 readings.

The instrument’s data-logging function also permits downloading of test sequences from a spreadsheet and uploading of test results back to the data records.

Cropico manufactures a range of specialist instrumentation designed for a wide variety of precision measurement applications.

Resistance measurement – Cropico’s comprehensive range of digital milliohmmeters is designed for the highly accurate precision measurement of low resistance values in a wide variety of electrical, electronic, industrial and engineering applications. The ohmmeter range includes microhmmeters, milliohmmeters, digital and portable ohmmeters.

Temperature measurement – Cropico also supplies a range of highly accurate digital thermometers and thermocouples with PT25 / PT 100 sensor for use in calibration laboratories as well as in applications associated with the aerospace and pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other process industry sectors.

Decade Boxes and Resistance standards – for precision measurement applications and the calibration of laboratory or workplace equipment.

Cable clamps and testers – Cropico also supplies a range of cable and harness testers.

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