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A range of portable, high-accuracy digital temperature indicators that offer improved standards of measurement flexibility is now available from precision measurement equipment supplier Cropico.

The 3000 series features three units, all with one milli-Kelvin resolution for real-time displays.

The product has been designed for precision temperature measurement in a wide range of electronics, industrial, scientific and environmental monitoring applications and comes with a choice of inputs for platinum resistance thermometers and all popular thermocouple types.

The 3000 has inputs for Pt25 and Pt100 platinum resistance thermometers and thermocouples.

The 3001 offers the same flexibility as the 3000 but does not include the Pt25 input option, while the 3002 is designed for use with Pt100 platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) only.

Dual-channel input allows the comparison and cross calibration of probes and sensor types and a variety of linearisation standards can be selected, including user coefficients.

Special features include the ability to eliminate thermal electromotive force and self-heating errors along with the provision to store the calibration data of up to 20 PRT probes.

An internal data memory facility can store up to 4,000 temperature readings for display or direct transmission to a PC or a printer.

Statistical analysis of stored data can also be undertaken to provide mean, maximum, minimum, peak and standard-deviation information.

Fully portable with built-in rechargeable batteries providing some 14h operating time and enclosed in a rugged aluminium case, the 3000 temperature measurement instrument has an accuracy of 0.01C and resolution of 0.001C, with SPRT (ITS-90) conversion as standard.

The unit can also be supplied with an optional 19in rack mounting kit to allow the unit to be fitted into any standard enclosure for full system integration.

To help with this, the unit has options of RS232 or IEEE for communications.

An optional scanner can also expand the instrument to have up to 10 input channels for multi-point temperature measurements.

The scanner option allows the user to mix different types of scanner cards to give the 10 input channels.

The user can have 4 PT inputs and 4 TC inputs, with the capability to incorporate all common thermocouples

Cropico manufactures a range of specialist instrumentation designed for a wide variety of precision measurement applications.

Resistance measurement – Cropico’s comprehensive range of digital milliohmmeters is designed for the highly accurate precision measurement of low resistance values in a wide variety of electrical, electronic, industrial and engineering applications. The ohmmeter range includes microhmmeters, milliohmmeters, digital and portable ohmmeters.

Temperature measurement – Cropico also supplies a range of highly accurate digital thermometers and thermocouples with PT25 / PT 100 sensor for use in calibration laboratories as well as in applications associated with the aerospace and pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other process industry sectors.

Decade Boxes and Resistance standards – for precision measurement applications and the calibration of laboratory or workplace equipment.

Cable clamps and testers – Cropico also supplies a range of cable and harness testers.

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