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Acal Technology has announced a cross-matching service designed to eliminate extended lead times for high-speed SRAM.

The service is also intended to future-proof designs by second-sourcing fit, form and function alternatives to virtually any existing SRAM.

As a franchised distributor for SRAM manufacturer, GSI Technology, Acal Technology is offering a free cross-matching and sample service to help qualifying customers to identify and evaluate GSI SRAM as alternatives to competitor products in existing and new designs.

GSI’s Exactpreference manufacturing technique enables the company to maintain an inventory of nearly all available options, to achieve wide SRAM choice combined with lead times as low as one week.

The range offers a large number of speed options for high-performance SRAM, as well as high densities and low active power consumption.

All GSI SRAMs are also covered by a three-year warranty, and each device shipped is 100 per cent tested.

GSI SRAMs are available across a range of technologies, from Synch Burst and No Bus Turnaround (NBT) SRAM with densities up to 144Mb, and speeds up to 333MHz; to Sigmaquad, SigmaDDR, and speciality late-write SigmaRAM, including the soon to be released 144Mb.

Also available soon is the first implementation of Sigmaquad/DDR-IIIe devices, with data rates up to 1.4GHz.

High-speed asynchronous SRAMs cover a density range of 256kB to 8Mb.

Typical applications for high-speed SRAM include telecoms, military COTS, industrial, test and measurement, automotive and medical equipment.

ACAL Technology is offering its free cross-matching and sample service to OEMs and CEMs who have competitor SRAMs designed into products that are already in production, or are considering competitor SRAMs for new designs.

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