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A water treatment package built around Cross automatic backwashing filtration has allowed recycled water to be used in multi-task sweeper washer vehicles at London Gatwick Airport.

Surface water from the 674 hectare airport flows into a lake at the airport’s perimeter before it is treated and drained into a stream.

Raw water from the lake is already used in the airport’s fire tenders; the new treatment plant will allow it to be safely used in the sweeper washer vehicles.

Treatment is necessary to remove particles that can block the spray bar nozzles on the vehicles and to eliminate harmful bacteria including legionella.

The Cross-designed treatment plant comprises of a filter, ultra-violet (UV) disinfection equipment, pumps, valves, controls and stainless steel pipework.

Operation is automatic under PLC control.

Water from the lake is pumped into the Cross Phoenix filter, which removes all solid particles above 50 microns, and through the UV treatment tube before filling an adjacent 35000 litre storage tank.

When the tank is full, the supply from the lake is shut-off and water from the tank re-circulated through the filter and UV tube.

The system switches between the re-circulating and tank filling circuits as the water is used, without interrupting vehicle filling.

The new package will save approximately one million litres of mains potable water a year.

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