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Crossware has enhanced its ARM Development Suite to improve the speed of application development across Atmel’s range of AT91SAM chips.

These enhancements are made possible by Crossware extending its Workspace Creation Technology, developed originally for the Coldfire MCF5249, to support the range of applications examples (Softpacks) available from Atmel to support developers using its SAM7 and SAM9 ARM-based microcontrollers.

A range of application examples have been developed by Atmel to demonstrate the features of its SAM7 and SAM9 ARM-based microcontrollers.

These are available as Softpacks, with each Softpack containing a range of examples for a specific SAM7 or SAM9 variant.

Unzipping an application from a Softpack creates a complex set of sub-directories containing a makefile, source code for the application, source code to configure and drive the on-chip peripherals, linker scripts for the different build configurations and so on.

The Crossware ARM suite is able to completely import such an application and arrange it as a set of libraries and a main application.

The application can then be immediately built and run on the appropriate Atmel evaluation board.

This gives the developer user-friendly access to a range of pre-written programs.

One such application is lwIP (lightweight IP), the TCP/IP stack developed by the Swedish Institute of Computer Science.

A version of the stack is available for Atmel’s AT91SAM9263 evaluation board.

Once the application is unzipped, it takes about 30s for the import process to complete, 50s to build the 15 libraries created, and 5s to build and link the final application.

The Crossware Workspace Creation Technology will have automatically created a download script to configure the SDRAM of the AT91SAM9263-EK and so the download process, which takes less than 10s using the Jaguar USB JTAG debugger interface, can begin immediately.

It is therefore possible to have an example web server application running on the AT91SAM9263-EK within 2mins of it being unzipped.

Navigating the source code for the complete application is simplified due to its arrangement into a set of libraries and a main application.

Source-code browsing across the complete application is also possible.

Crossware’s Workspace Creation technology was originally developed to import Freescale’s MP3 applications for the Coldfire MCF5249 audio microcontroller and later extended to support Freescale’s dBug debug monitors.

Crossware’s ARM Development Suite, with its advanced C/C++ compiler, libraries, wizards, simulator and debugger, provides a complete and user-friendly development environment for the Atmel ARM9 family of microcontrollers as well as ARM7 microcontrollers from Atmel, NXP and STMicroelectronics.

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