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Crouzet is offering five new motor sizes and two new gearboxes, creating 14 new geared motor combinations.

The Crouzet range of brushless motors has until now consisted of motors with 57mm round or square cross-sections and a power rating between 40 and 150W, designed to go with a choice of gearboxes with 5Nm to 10Nm nominal torque and various types of control electronics.

The motor with 86mm square cross-section delivers 205W, extending the limits of the range.

The range is suitable for applications in the machine-tools sector, power supplies for moulding machines and conveyor belts.

The extra-low voltage supply also meets the needs expressed in the access-control sector.

The 24V DC voltage makes it easier to supply motors built into battery-powered mobile applications.

Crouzet brushless motors can be supplied with a voltage up to 75V, so their power can be increased proportionally.

The adaptable worm gearbox with the 205W motor (86mm wide) delivers a nominal torque of 20Nm.

Due to the range of planetary gearboxes proposed, the torque can be as much as 120Nm.

The 86mm motor itself is capable of delivering 1.5Nm continuous, directly at the shaft output.

For some applications this makes it possible to do without the gearbox, increasing service life and reducing the cost of the function.

The motors with 42mm (25 to 100W) and 86mm (205W) square cross-section have a rotor with eight poles, which means that the nominal speed of the motor can be halved, reducing the noise level.

This feature is said to be critical for applications in the medical sector and in office automation.

The addition of worm gearboxes or use of the low-noise option on the planetary gearboxes are suitable for these applications.

A new 28mm diameter tubular motor is a direct response to the needs for integration in compact machines or sub-assemblies and delivers power of 17.5W.

The BDE30’s electronics make it suitable for quick assembly using connectors and it is optimised to prevent any wiring errors.

The BDE40 model is suitable for prototypes, tests and pre-production, conducted by integrators.

It can work on batteries from 12 to 36V and delivers 14A.

These two part numbers control the speed, torque and motor braking.

They can take bespoke programs and integrate functions relating to the machine, without additional cost.

Applications include: medical machines; renewable heat and energy systems; industrial process machines; public relations and advertising; access control; and oil, gas, nuclear and other professional equipment.

Crouzet Brushless motors all incorporate ball bearings and are designed for a life of more than 20,000hrs.

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