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The Selvapiana winery in Italy’s Tuscany region is using Crowcon’s Cellarsafe and Xgard fixed CO2 gas detectors to protect workers in the cellars.

The units were installed by Parsec, a company that works alongside Crowcon in the Italian wine industry.

CO2 is a by-product of the fermentation process and, because it is heavier than air, it can spill out of fermenting tanks and sink to the winery floor, where it forms deadly, invisible pockets.

Workers cleaning grape skins out of fermenting tanks are also in danger, as any remaining CO2 can deplete oxygen in the tanks to dangerously low levels.

In fact, CO2 is a hazard throughout the winemaking and brewing process – right through to packaging and distribution.

Long-term exposure to as little 0.5 per cent volume CO2 represents a toxic health hazard, while concentrations greater than 10 per cent volume can lead to death.

Its effective monitoring is therefore absolutely essential.

At Selvapiana two Cellarsafe CO2 detectors and one Xgard CO2 detector are installed in the winery’s cellars.

The Cellarsafe units provide two levels of protection: first, if CO2 concentrations exceed a certain threshold, extractor fans are automatically triggered; secondly, an 82dB alarm is triggered to warn workers to vacate the cellar immediately.

The Xgard detector is linked to a Parsec SAEn5000 control unit that constantly displays ambient CO2 levels on a computer screen in the control room.

Crowcon Detection Instruments

Crowcon Detection Instruments specialises in the development, manufacture, sale and support of flammable and toxic gas detection equipment. For over 40 years and all around the globe, our products are relied upon to protect people and plant against gas hazards, from oil platforms to steel mills and water treatment works to automobile manufacturers.

Headquartered in the UK and with our own significant local facilities in  Erlanger, USA, Singapore, China and the Netherlands supported by carefully selected distributors, we are proud to uphold our reputation for reliability, technological innovation and equipment that is properly suited to its task.

Crowcon products are sold throughout the world, serving oil, gas and petrochemical companies, public utilities, clean water and sewage treatment companies, fire brigades, construction companies and other organisations where accidental leakage of gas or vapour can become a toxic or explosive danger.

Crowcon has been a part of the Halma Group since 1985. Halma is listed on the Midcap London Stock Exchange (FTSE 350) and is recognised as one of the most successful engineering groups in the world.

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