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CRP Technology strengthens its European presence by signing an agreement with LSS Laser-Sinter-Service GmbH

Through the agreement, LSS will sell the composite SLS materials Windform® XT 2.0 and Windform SP throughout the German and Austrian markets.

Windform XT 2.0 and Windform SP are the polyamide-based carbon fibre reinforced materials from the Windform family of High-Performance 3D printing materials, created and developed by the R&D department of CRP Technology.

“We are pleased to launch this new dealer alliance”, states Franco Cevolini, CEO and Technical Director at CRP Technology. “LSS is our support and service provider for AM. We have known each other for a very long time now. Together with LSS we’ve developed customer-specific solutions and hardware and software upgrades for our 3D Printing Department. Now with LSS we decided to improve our collaboration. This agreement will further strengthen our business relationship and it will act as an important step in introducing Windform materials to new customers throughout Germany and Austria.”

Hermann Hanning, CTO of LSS GmbH: “I think this strategic collaboration is a logical consequence of our long-term partnership. We are thrilled being able to offer a benchmark-setting turn-key solution consisting of CRP’s Windform XT 2.0/ SP materials and LSS powered polymer laser sintering (PLS) equipment.”

According to the agreement, LSS will not only sell Windform XT 2.0 and Windform SP but will be able to provide the appropriate technical support, depending on customer’s needs, from initial set-up to the material processing phase.

Windform XT 2.0 is a ground-breaking carbon fibre reinforced composite 3D printing material known for its mechanical properties. It is particularly suitable in demanding applications such as motorsports, aerospace, and UAV sectors.

Windform XT 2.0 is an innovative material which replaces the previous formula of Windform XT within the Windform® family of materials.

Windform XT 2.0 features improvements in mechanical properties including +8% increase in tensile strength, +22% in tensile modulus, and a +46% increase in elongation at break.

The material allows for the creation of accurate, reliable, and durable prototypes and is perfect for functional applications.

Windform SP is a carbon fibre reinforced composite polyamide material characterized by a dark black colour.

Windform SP has excellent mechanical properties similar to Windform XT 2.0, with the addition of increased resistance to shock, vibrations, and deformation. The material also shows an increase in impact strength and elongation at break, as well as excellent thermal properties and resistance to high temperatures.

Windform SP is a material with optimal strength to weight ratio.

Windform SP has waterproof properties and is resistant to absorption of liquids and moisture.

Windform materials are laser sintering materials for 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing.

Windform composite SLS materials were born from the meticulous study and testing of the R&D department at CRP Technology.

Windform materials can satisfy the needs of the international market of Additive Manufacturing and can guarantee originality, innovation, reliability, and especially mechanical performance.

Windform materials make it possible to fabricate high-performance parts for wind tunnel applications, as well as fully functional and beautifully finished parts for nearly endless applications.

Furthermore, Windform materials can be CNC machined to obtain excellent dimensional accuracy, speed up production and save time.

CRP Group

The CRP Group is composed of six companies: CRP Engineering, CRP Meccanica, CRP Racing, CRP Technology, CRP Service and CRP USA.

The CRP Group is composed of six companies: CRP Engineering, CRP Meccanica, CRP Racing, CRP Technology, CRP Service and CRP USA.

Each company represents an example of excellence in their respective fields. From the experience of more than 40 years in the world of F1 working with top international teams, the CRP Group has great know-how in particular sectors, from additive manufacturing, to high performing CNC machining and development of two-wheel racing vehicles in both combustion engines and electric power (eCRP is the electric racing motorcycle), with the attention of service that is focused on the customer.

In particular, CRP Technology deals with the activity of additive manufacturing, operating in the field of motorsport, aerospace and aviation industry with the use of the Windform SLS materials, sold worldwide. CRP Technology is also involved in important projects of research and development where the additive manufacturing is required.

The other relevant company of the Group is represented by CRP Meccanica, the specialist in high speed CNC Machining for the motorsport, automotive and aviation sectors. CRP Meccanica carries out activites dealing with several sectors inside and outside the racing world, where the quality and the value are at the basis of its mission. Machining, welding and tooling departments are available to serve customers worldwide from simple to high complex and performing projects.

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